How to Use Teak Wood Items for Decorating


Teak is prized for its elegant appearance and its durable nature. Besides its beauty, it also possesses some natural properties that other woods do not, such as resistance to dry rot.

Teak comes from places like Thailand, Burma and Malaysia, but most abundantly from Indonesia.

Because it takes about 80 years to cultivate a teak wood tree ready for commercial use, and because teak is such an excellent working material, old teak is often upcycled from old structures and turned into furniture.

Teak wood contains an abundance of natural oils and rubber in the grains of its wood, more so than most types of trees. Therefore, teak is far more water resistant than other woods, and does not experience dry rot. It is also resistant to most types of fungi and other parasites which destroy wood. So, teak is often used in places like bathrooms and on decks, and is valued for not requiring the additional weatherproofing treatments most other woods require.

That being said, let’s look at some ways to use teak wood to decorate your home!

Shower Floor


Due to said water resistance characteristics, teak wood is commonly chosen as a chic and modern alternative to ceramic and tiles in shower floors. The fact that the water can fall through the cracks means that the person using the shower is much less likely to slip.

Standard shower floor sets sell online for about $200 and up.

Shower Bench


If you’ve got the room in your shower or bathroom, a teak wood bench is the obvious choice for an accessory. These can be used in the shower or outside of it for holding items like towels. These can be found online for a price range of about $80-150.

Wall Art


This is an awesome way to pair au naturel with modern art. You can make your own or buy pre-made art. The one pictured here sells for about $60-70 online.


This one sells for about $170 online.

Candle Holders


If you want to accessorize the teak wood furniture with some accessories, candle holders are a great way to start. The one pictured here can be found for around $70 online, but they come in a variety of types and prices.

Tables and Stands


There is a plethora of available small tables to be found made out of teak wood. This very symmetric, polished one goes for around $100-$300.


And more rugged, natural looking tables like this sell for about $300.

Table and Chair Sets


If you have committed yourself to teak, you can top off the décor with a table and chairs set. They aren’t cheap, but they are valuable. They start at around $1,000 – $3,000 and go up from there.


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