Decorating With Floor and Table Lamps


Decorating can be a science, but it can also be fun. Putting the right furniture and accessories in your home gives you the ability to accent the environment around you with your specific personality. While most people groan when they get to the topic of home lighting, these ideas can hopefully put some fun into the chore and help make the choice of floor and table lamps an enjoyable experience.

Floor Lamps

Think Outside the Box

Floor lamps don’t have to be boring and unnoticeable. They don’t need to provide the main source of lighting as much as an additional source of light for complementing the room or providing soft but focused lighting for reading.

Think about making it another piece of artwork in the living room. There is this pillar style lamp:


Or you can get totally unconventional and give your living room a bit of an elven fairytale vibe:


Or you can make it seem like you’re in a straight up forested fantasyland:


If you’d rather stick to conventional lighting for a classier and more functional feel, you can simply position a basic floor lamp directly above the reading chair:


Or you can take that conventional look and give it a funkier vibe, and even match the lamp shade with another item of décor (in this example, the couch pillows):


Table Lamps

Now we move on to table lamps. These can either match the floor lamps, or be a completely separate aspect of the ambiance.

First up, let’s talk positioning:

When you find a good matching table lamp, the next part comes with actually sticking it on the table. You will want to strategically place the lamps so they contrast with other points of light in the area, and provide lighting where it is desired:


Now on to the part where you make the lamp match the environment:

An idea for the totally chic:


Or you can make the lamp match the purpose of the room. For example, if you’re lucky enough to have a home theater and need some lighting in there, you can go with something totally funky and unique like this film reel lamp:



Or, you can just match your table lamps up with whatever floor lamps you’ve decided on, for a coordinated and consistent decorating scheme:


Putting it all together, you will want to have something like the below:

Notice the positioning of the lamps, along with the color scheme of the room.

Deciding on new lighting for your home can be difficult. Hopefully these basic pointers are all you need to make it not only easy, but fun too!


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